We Handle Your Marketing

If you were to open your own business alone, you might struggle with having to juggle so many responsibilities at once. How can you set up your studio, look for new clients, market your new business, AND continue your personal training sessions all at once?

We know this can be a lot to handle, so we take a lot of it off your plate for you. When you join the Just You Fitness team, it’s like having your own in-house marketing team dedicated to helping you succeed.

The Just You Fitness franchise team is made up of other experienced personal trainers who have experienced your struggles and understand your needs.

Lead Generating Website

Each franchise owner gets their own location-specific website engineered to generate prospective clients. We manage all aspects of your site for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Are people searching for a personal trainer in your area? Your website is SEO-optimized to make sure you rank high on Google search so more people can find you.

Email Marketing

We create and set up email drip campaigns on your behalf to nurture your leads, so you can focus on growing your successful business.

Targeted Digital Marketing

We set up a variety of online advertising, with automated triggers that help re-target and organize leads for you.

Actionable Business Strategies

Our business coaches have over 30 combined years of personal training business experience. They will teach you strategies and best practices to attain high quality, long-term personal training clients.

Social Media Brand Awareness

Get more exposure and brand awareness through our social media fan pages. Easily reach out to prospects within your social sphere!

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