Which Business Model Is Right For You?

Our goal at Just You Fitness is to help you find the ideal and most profitable business model for you while providing a comfortable, private, and personal training studio your clients will love.

We support two types of business models, so we can be flexible to your needs. Just You Fitness can set you up to work in the convenience of your own home, or in a commercial space of your choice.

Either way, we provide all the equipment necessary to set up a fully designed, state-of-the-art personal training studio to call your own.

Home-Based Studio

Home-Based Studio

What are the benefits?

Work from home.
Our unique model separates the business from your house
No monthly lease and very low overhead
Lowers risk and increases profits
Tax benefits
No commute

Commercial Studio

Commercial Studio

Who is this right for?

Ideal for non-homeowners, or if your municipality of HOA does not allow home businesses
Greater ability to leverage your facility with other trainers
Low, reasonable monthly lease
Single or double studio offer

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