Earn More Money with Just You Fitness

Keep Your Profits

Most gyms take 50% or more from their personal trainers' earnings. Just You Fitness does not take a percentage of your profits, so you get to keep more in your wallet!

Poised For Success

We invest in your professional development so you improve and grow as a trainer, as well as helping you continually grow your business.

A Thriving Business

Personal trainers often struggle to attract and maintain steady clientele. This means less earnings. With your own franchise, you can run a thriving business from your very own studio!

More Clients At Your Door

Our marketing systems are designed to send you a steady stream of leads, so you're never left struggling to find your own. Go focus on what you do best!

Invest In Your Future

Purchasing into a tried-and-true system with proven results is a choice that lets you build a successful career doing what you love.

Attract Higher Paying Clients

Being part of a franchise provides a professional image and an intrinsic value that attracts clients of higher caliber who love the private and personal nature of your studio.

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